About Us

One of the pesky barriers blocking innovation is financing


One of the greatest issues with innovation is that it is a process that consumes money. The risk that an idea may not yield to a profit or anything at all bothers every creator in the wild west that is the modern world. A massive number of idea, concepts or even projects go neglected and abandoned for a lack of investment.

The simple truth is that not every idea is successful or even anything more than just a fun project! Finding money to bring them to life is not economical or without harming a lot of your personal resources.

Globally, minor scientific and technological groups such as clubs in institutions or likewise lack in funding and struggle to survive while they have high expectations weighing them down.

Fundoosidea is a revolutionary new platform where all ideas new and old are valued alike. We invite all creators, innovators, crazy and weird to compete with each other and win funding for there ideas.